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Doctor Felix Boczkowski hypothesized in 1843 that people with pulmonary and respiratory problems experienced healing effects while breathing the air in salt mines in Wieliczka, Poland.

The Wielickza Salt Mine now is the largest Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in the world. 

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By combining the microclimate of an underground salt excavation with contemporary medicine, they provide innovative rehabilitation and treatment of a variety of respiratory diseases.

London's Salt Spa opened in late November 2012

Debbie Naff, Founder/ Creator spent a year researching salt caves before contracting Royal Krystal Spas that turned a shipping container with over 21 tons of Pink Himalayan salt into what is now Central Virginia's first Therapeutic Salt Cave and Salt Room

The salt is filled with over 84 trace minerals that saturate the air inside the cave to create air that is 10 times purer than the air outside.  This increased level of oxygen and negative ions help your lung function, which speeds healing and helps your organs work less, leaving you relaxed and energized.   We have many testimonies from people suffering from sinititus, cystic fibrosis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, rare lung diseases, chronic asthma and allergies have seen a drastic difference in their lung function and overall health while spending time in the Salt cave  

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